Thursday, January 13, 2011

Proof That Aliens Exist

This is a never ending debate. Do aliens really exist? Does any one have proof that aliens exist? If they do, why can’t we spot them with the help of our space instruments? Why don’t they fly down to our planet as we do to theirs? The questions keep boggling minds of kids and adults alike. But the truth remains that aliens do really exist. There are simply established facts and reported incidents, some even with videos, with proof that aliens really exist.

It is fascinating to watch human behavior that continues to be egocentric. Why else would they keep on debating the issue of proof that aliens exist, when they have hard core proof in their hands? Extra-terrestrials or aliens have been given a kind of artistic figure by Hollywood movies and we believe that if aliens exist, they would look like that. But question remains, what if aliens exist in any other form than the physical entity like ours? How do we then find proof that aliens exist?
The Universe is huge and to give proof that aliens exist would be no small a matter. Yet we have proof that aliens exist in real. A flying disc was seen once by pilots, crew members and many other people standing at Chicago O’Hare Airport in November 2006. This story was brought out on CNN and this is one undeniable proof that aliens exist.

There has been now official confirmation from the Government and NASA that they have proof that aliens exist. Their proof that aliens exist is not only based on historical events but the recent day findings as well. Take a look at the overwhelming evidence of UFO’s from past civilization on Earth. The Great Pyramid, NASCA lines and even Stone Hedges could be contributed to influences from the Aliens that might have visited our planet then.

There are still more proof that aliens exist. One such undeniable proof that aliens exist is the ancient elongated skulls that have been found amongst ancient monuments and also the prehistoric paintings and sculptures found in Egypt that portray people with unusually elongated heads and strange abdomens. Even the skull of Nefertiti the Goddess is strangely very elongated which means that her brains would be rather large than what we possess now.

The final and biggest proof that aliens exist is the collection of alien pictures from NASA’s own system and also footages of sound and movement that have recorded such unusual happenings. How long can we now deny the truth of proof that aliens exist?

Do You Know What Is An Alien Baby?

From as early as the 1950’s there have been reports of persons discovering alien babies both deceased and living and there are quite a few web pages on the world wide web dedicated to alleged alien life forms. These sites display a lot of pictures claimed to be pictures of real aliens that have been discovered throughout time.

There are numerous persons who believe wholeheartedly that these pictures of adult and infant aliens are authentic while others believe that they are elaborate pranks. Others say the children are malformed, while still others believe that they are normal human children with diseases or deformities.

Whatever they are, the reality is that some movies and images cannot be classified like the movie of the alien baby discovered in 2007 by a farmer in Mexico known as Marao Lopez. He is said to have discovered the alien infant alive and drowned it in a ditch out of fear because it looked so bizarre. Lopez claimed that it took 3 tries to drown the alien and that he had to keep it beneath the water for a couple hours before it finally stopped breathing.

The remains was sent to university scientists who performed DNA tests and scans to try and make out the corpse. Two years later the researchers released the results of their test which they argued showed that the animal is not human. They say the bones of the animal has lizard-like characteristics but its teeth do not contain any roots like humans, it has a few similar joints like humans, and it would be able to stay under water for an extended period.

The animal’s eyes, ears and brain were said to be larger than that of other primates and it was protected in a thin coating of skin. The back part of the creature’s brain especially was huge and therefore scientists concluded that it was very clever. However, by the time the remains of the animal was handed over to scientists they said it had decayed too much to generate any coherent DNA results.

To further add to the mystery surrounding the extraterrestrial baby, Lopez was later discovered scorched to death in a parked car on the side of the road. It is alleged that the fire was a far higher temperature than that of regular fires and it is rumored that the parents of the alien infant are the ones accountable for Lopez’ killing as revenge because he killed the creature.

It is reported that there are many UFO sightings and crop circles in the area where the alien baby was discovered and that there was a second alien present when Lopez discovered the animal but that the second creature ran off. Some believe that the baby was left behind deliberately by aliens but there is no clarification as to why.
While there are a few who strongly believe that the extraterrestrial baby exist, others are skeptic and do not believe the proof to be enough.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Astrology » Where is extraterrestrial?

One day in 1950, Nobel laureate, physicist Enrico Fermi and the other 3 physicists lunched at the dinner table, Fermi suddenly said one sentence: "where are they? "Other people quickly realized that Fermi was still pondering what they just argued about the spacecraft and alien. Later, Fermi's words became the famous "Fermi Paradox."

"Fermi paradox" is connotative of this meaning: In theory, humans can use 100 million years of time to fly to every planet of the galaxy, then the aliens as long as their evolution is 100 million years earlier than humans, they should now come to the Earth. Why do they not come? Where is their precise whereabouts?
The reason that this paradox has persuasion is because it is based on two facts of Milky Way galaxy: First, the Milky Way galaxy is very old, about 100 million years of age; second, the diameter of the Milky Way galaxy is only about 10 million light-years. Therefore, even if the alien is only traveling in space in the speed of one-thousandth of the speed of light, they can only take about one million years across the universe - this time is far shorter than the age of the universe. If aliens really exist, then they should arrive very earlier.

This paradox afflicts those scientists working hard to explore extraterrestrial life. For half a century, spacecraft have visited or detected the vast majority of the solar system planets and major satellites, but did not find any signs of life. Astronomers also tracked microwave signals sent by hundreds of thousands of stars, so far still draw a blank. Undeniably, we are detecting only a small number of the planet and a solar system, while the broad expanse of the Milky Way galaxy has 1 more than 200 billion stars. The question of looking for extraterrestrial civilizations becomes: how many planets having the same environment with earth exist in the Milky Way galaxy? But the "Fermi Paradox "still has not been resolved.
If the logical analysis of Fermi is correct, it will become the nightmare of all astronomers who have made great efforts to find extraterrestrial life, the " exploration of extraterrestrial civilization, life" projects will also be in vain. But people full of enthusiasm still can find the space to continue to study. One theory to deal with the "Fermi paradox" is: Star Trek is too difficult and expensive, so that aliens could not take place. Another is called "Zoo theory" which explains that the aliens on earth at least are watching us somewhere, but they vow not to interfere with human activities, just as the actions that human adopt to those endangered species and ancient civilizations.

In any case, scientists are still adhering to find, they often use such words to encourage themselves: "the evidence does not exist, not non-existent evidence."